Recycling Industry Equipment

As world authority in metal separation technologies, Eriez applies its collective knowledge about the recycling industry which transcends across its affiliates located on six continents.  Our recycling equipment has been developed by some of the most educated design engineers who are the best problem-solvers in the business.

Eriez products work successfully in diverse applications--from municipal solid waste and shredded automobiles, high-grade plastics, metalworking fluids and electronic scrap--to foundry sand reclamation.

Eriez' all new SMART system is a wireless cloud-based reporting, text and e-mail alert system (Eriez SMART portal) that connects with selected Eriez equipment including our existing Metal Loss Monitor and new Moisture and Splitter Monitors.

The revolutionary P-Rex® Scrap Drum with Traction Plate Drum Wrap provides magnetic gripping power from edge-to-edge.  Since its introduction, the P-Rex Scrap Drum has opened new doors through its extraordinary separation strength and cost-effective energy features.  The new 84” P-Rex84 is the first-of-its-size offered to the industry.  It utilizes revolutionary underflow processing in which fluff passes under the drum rather than rotating over it as it does in traditional processes.  Fluff removal and metals recovery is enhanced and profits are increased.

Eriez regularly introduces new or upgraded Eddy Current Separator models.  The latest in the line, the RevX-E, provides enhanced separation of nonferrous metals such as mining oil solid waste, bottom ash, comingled recyclables, plastic, glass, foundry sand, electronic scrap and ASR.

Shred1™ uses ballistics to separate iron-rich ferrous from the mixed metals and waste material found in the post-drum magnet flow.  This powerful and innovative separator delivers two distinct fractions: a premium, low-copper content #1 shred and a traditional #2 shred.  Shred1 eliminates the need for a scavenger magnet and a number of hand-pickers.

When you need to separate heavies from lights to create a twitch and zebra product, the DensitySort® Air Table is ideal.  Your return on investment will be quick, and you will be impressed by this product’s performance.

ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery System produces superior metal recovery at a fraction of the cost to operate and maintain an air-driven sorter.

The FinesSort® Metal Recovery System utilizes a series of powerful magnetic components to process discarded "fines" material that has passed through the initial screening stage to recover valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals less than one-inch in diameter.  It not only reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill, but also reclaims thousands of pounds of metals per day and offers payback in as little as six months.

The PokerSort™ extracts long troublesome pokers such as automotive leaf springs, tie rods, steering and axle components and other generally difficult long shapes directly from the shred before they hit the drum separator.

Eriez ReCOVERY Magazine features technical information and case studies--along with stories about the scrap and recycling business and how it is changing.  Click on the link below to download the most recent issue.

As an extension of our commitment to the recycling industry, Eriez created the Eco Certified Go Green with Orange® Program.  The Eco-Certified designation tells buyers that permanent magnets, energy savings and/or applications to the recycling industry apply to the products.

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