Eriez provides a diverse assortment of products to assist the chemical industry with its unique processing challenges, including protecting product purity and handling materials in the most efficient, economical and safe manner.  We offer a variety of equipment for feeding, conveying, metering or screening and removing metal from chemical products.

Electromagnetic or mechanical Pan or Tray Vibratory Feeders move materials continuously or intermittently to ensure efficient production.  Mechanical Conveyors are perfect for moving light loads of bulk reliably and effortlessly.  Screen Separators are best suited for high viscosity liquid/solid separation, and wet or dry classification.  Magnetic conveying components include Magna-Rails® and Magna-Rolls.

Magnetic Separators from Eriez, including Traps, Grates, Suspended Belt Magnets, Humps and more, effectively remove carbon steel metal from your product to protect your customers and expensive processing equipment.  A wide array of strengths and configurations are available. 

Our line of incredibly powerful Metal Detectors offer sensitivity and dependability in a design rugged enough to meet the harsh demands of the industry.  They expertly detect ferrous and nonferrous metallics in a variety of bulk materials.  These units act as the last line of defense in applications including glass cullet, recycled plastics and more.

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