CleanStream™ Process

Eriez’ CleanStream™ Process incorporates the brute-force power of the P-Rex Scrap Drum with the new Shred1 Ballisitic Separator, which produces a #1 Shred (<.17% Cu).

CleanStream™ Process

Superior Ferrous Metal Recovery

Eriez’ CleanStream™ is revolutionizing ferrous processing in the scrap metal market
with “best-in-class” metal recovery rates and grade improvement.  The process consists of the new rare earth xtreme permanent drum magnet, P-Rex, and the innovative new Shred1® Ballistic Separator.  Working in tandem, this equipment leads to better recovery and a higher-grade ferrous product while delivering it at a lower cost per ton.  Innovation… improving metal recovery. 

CleanStream™ Ferrous Recovery
    - PokerSort™ extracts troublesome “pokers” from the shred
    - P-Rex® Scrap Drums offer the highest recovery rates of ferrous metals
    - Shred1™ Ballistic Separators produces a premium Low Copper fraction

Highest Recovery Rates

Simply put, the more ferrous recovered from the shred, the greater the profit.  Ferrous recovery represents the greatest opportunity scrap operators have to increase profits.  Eriez’ latest magnetic drum technology, P-Rex, can improve recovery rates by 2 to even 5 percent in most cases.  This means an operator producing 800 tons a day and achieving a 3 percent increase in ferrous recovery can improve its volume by 24 tons per day or 720 tons a month!  That represents a lot of extra profit!

Premium #1 Grade Ferrous Product

Not only does CleanStream increase ferrous recovery rates, it improves the “grade” as well.  Today’s current scrap processing technology, using expensive z-box air systems and lots of hand sorting, can’t achieve a finished ferrous product with less than .17% copper content.  However, Eriez’ innovative Shred1® Ballistic Separator automatically sorts the shred into three fractions delivering over 75 percent as a clean #1 grade product.  Selling a premium low-copper content ferrous product gives operators a competitive advantage when dealing with most steel buyers, and leads to greater value or greater share of the local resale market.

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