Oil Belt Skimmer

The Oil Belt Skimmer features an oleophilic belt and its unique method of stripping the separated oil from both sides of the belt requires no contact with a stationary scraper, providing a great combination of excellent performance and long belt life.

Oil Belt Skimmer

The Eriez Oil Belt Skimmers feature a revolutionary new oleophilic belt to strip the separated oil from the belt.

Tramp oil has long been recognized as a major source of problems associated with water miscible cutting and grinding fluids.  Tramp oil contributes to the growth and formation of:

  • coolant destroying bacteria
  • undesirable residues on machine tools and workpieces
  • smoke and oil mist in shop atmospheres
The results of these problems are:
  • shortened coolant life
  • poor material removal rates
  • poor surface finish and size control
  • decreased tool and wheel life
  • 115 volt/220 volt, single phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Heavy-duty, impedence-protected, fan-cooled drive motor with a hardened shaft and needle bearings (220 volt, single phase, 50 Hz available also)
  • Open, accessible oil collecting tray with a convenient drain connector
  • Oleophilic, 'oil loving' belt
  • Heavy-duty steel construction, with industrial-grade enamel paint

  • Fast, simple belt changing
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower hang roller that will not fall off in the machine sump even in turbulent conditions

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